IDK - Lil Yachty

Lil Boat!

Baby girl this ain't a dream
I keep like 6 in my jeans
Everything ain't what it seems
But I'm really rich, what you mean?
Oh baby come blow a young fellow like chello
I wanna stuff you then lick you and stick you
Just like a lil rello
I'm too complex, shoulda, called me Marc Ecko
Hunnits all over the floor like rose petals
Chains on my neck like I won a gold medal
I'm poppin' sh_t just like kettle
F_ckin' with me, you'll get lost in the sauce like... oh oh
I got 22 diamonds, they're brighter
I stay with my shooter and he'll put that heat to your head like hairdryer
N_gga never been a liar
No, no

Free all my real n_ggas locked up
B_tches come 'round when the stock's up
I give a f_ck if you're not us
I give a f_ck if you're not, no, no

I thought you knew I ain't give a f_ck
Ice on my neck cost a Tonka truck
Please do not call up my phone if it's not 'bout bucks
I ain't ever been a runner up no
Cry me a river, b_tch get out
Nut on her face, that's my kids' house
I'm from the South like a slave's house
We just count money and f_ck on these hoes
We just count money and f_ck on these hoes

If you ain't gettin' money, you broke, b_tch
I ain't never f_ck with no broke b_tch
Fangs on my teeth like a fork, pitch
I mean pitchfork, damn

I'm gettin' brain like a dork
Young n_gga hopped off the porch
My b_tch do white like Scott Storch
Ain't no n_gga gonna extort me
Beam at his head like Hindu
Beat up that p_ssy like Ryu
P_ssy so bald just like Caillou
He'll pay a band to get by you
Young n_gga, I do not tie shoes
I really don't give a f_ck
I'll drop that nut on her b_tt
Young n_gga nasty as f_ck
Chrome to his head like Daft Punk
Don't make me open my trunk
Bro got the gas like a skunk
He been servin' from the jump, oh

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