Not My Bro - Lil Yachty

Twin tower living big booty b_tch d_ck all in her throat
White b_tch gon' f_ck gang prolly cause she all off the coke
I ain't f_cking with these n_ggas
All these b_tch n_ggas all these n_ggas hoes
You is not gang n_gga stop tryna call me your bro
Whoa, call me your bro [x2]
N_gga hating on a n_gga he gon get knocked off with the scope
And a n_gga grill so fresh so clean like I use Scope
I'm the n_gga with the new sound
All these people here tryna cope

Whoa, whoa, they all tryna cope
Yeah, yeah, this the new Boat n_gga go on and get afloat
Yeah, whoa, whoa, yeah, yeah, Lil Boat, yeah
Lil Boat, d_ck all in her throat whoa

Timmy Chan's chili powder wings and lemon pepper wings for my black b_tch
New ring cost 30 thou I did it just cause I like to do sh_t
And I ain't fond of these new rappers
Cause these new rappers be wearing fu sh_t
Whoa, yeah, damn, whoa
You're not my bro
No, whoa, nah, damn
Knocked off with the scope
I keep my d_ck all in her throat
Yeah, whoa, damn, whoa, whoa, yeah
And sh_t finna go down cause I said so
Yeah, whoa, yeah, you already know
If you ain't know my name b_tch it's Lil Boat
It's just how it go
It's just how it go
It's just how it go

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