Sheezus - Lily Allen

No Longer Listening
I've Had Enough Of Persecution And Conditioning

Maybe It's Instinct
We're Only Animal
Maybe It's Healthy
Maybe It's Rational
It Makes Me Angry, I'm Serious
But Then Again I'm Just About
To Get My Period

Periods, We All Get Periods
Everyone Feel, That's What The Theory Is
It's Human Nature, Another Cycle
Be Nice To Me
I'll Make You One Of My Disciples

Riri Isn't Scared Of
Katy Perry's Roaring
Queen B's Gone Back
To The Drawing
Lorde Smells Blood, Yeah
She's About To Slay You
Kid Ain't One To F*ck With When
She's Only On Her Debut
We're All Watching Gaga
Lol And Ahaha
Dying For The Art So
Really, She's A Martyr

I'm Second Best
We'll Never Cut It For The Divas
Give Me That Crown, B_tch
I Wanna Be Sheezus

I Am Born Again
Now Run Along And Tell A-All Your Friends
To Come And Join Us
Give Yourselves To Me
I Am Your Leader
Let Me Be Sheezus (Let Me Be Sheezus)

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