Open Your Eyes - Linkin Park

In the end, there was nothing to say.
I can't look for any other way.
This feeling is takin over day by day.
Don't tell me if your right cause this
is the last time you;ll even see the light.

chorus: Open your eyes, open your heart
cause we'll never break apart. Keep it or
use it for an ending that fits. Nothing is here
so theres nothing to fear.

This s_cks that this is not working
cause all your doin is twerking. Like
all them other people you talk too much
and your not even in a bunch. Looking every
where and nothings here. With you it's a nightmare.
In my mind all I see is you actually fair.

No I've done this to you too much
that I can't take it anymore. My heart
is poor and sore without you and you
just walking up that pew with only few.
Take this and I will no where and say

(chorus 4x)

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