70 Bars - Lloyd Banks

The name's Banks! The boy wonder man
stack and a rubber band, gat in the other hand

[Lloyd Banks]
These lil n_ggas dont move me, go watch a movie
im too smooth, white prada shoes with the dooey
i spin ya f_ckin neck when i speed the thru
the ceilin is see-thru, all you top billin off of me too
you might as well give ya money to me shorty
cant dance in the strip club when your 40
come here, i show you how to get it if you with it
if you let me i can teach you how to take it to the top
with a bottle of Cris lady youll be naked on the spot
gassed up from the conversation in the drop
it wont be gifts or vacation to the trop's
this hard d_ck bubble gum stake him in the pots
i got a brand new semi out the box
just in case a n_gga think he smooth enuff to sneak in
youll be one eyed shorter from the slaughter
and ill be on the yacht round water out in Florida
f_ck the drama wassup, ya hammers in the truck
u b_tt, so chill or ima have to f_ck you up for real
cristal bottle in ya grill, ill
youll be in ground before glass teeth and blood spill
they all know im a threat hoppin out the Lex
i got a b_tch for every letter in the alphabet
like Aron and Brandy, Cary and Donna
Erica and Felicia i nicknamed her Gabbana
light skinned Heather i met her around the way
and theres a few names that i aint suppose to say
so ima skip to J, cuz Jasmine and Jeniffer
jaw bone in, Jessica come runs by the messenger
they all know when it come to the hoes
i get em down and they on under clothes, in them bundlelobes
nah i dont need an umbrella the car come with those
and to get one of those, youll need 100 shows
im all summer froze, so the gun exposed
ill gun b_tt ya f_cker, heres a bloody nose
yea that was yo b_tch, but the dummy chose
yea im grimy as f_ck you got to love it tho
shorty caught feelings after i stroked her so what
take a picture write a book call Oprah Blow Up"
youll find a ice pic in a flow
with a coke colored coupe white whip in the snow
me and the bread bandin like a pimp and a hoe
like smoker or the pipe like the coke on the phypes
i dont continue nothin im the stroker her on the night
on the sofa or the floor, hoe chokin off the mic
like Banks i dont usually do, well they usually do
and theyll all learn to like it you get used to it too
n_ggas starin at my chain cuz it use to be blue
but i changed like you, deuce deuce in his shoe
im on kush, cranberry juice goose and im thru
then its back to the mansion to do what i do
im back n_gga, this is part 2
the hunger for more money im right at ya door dummy
CORKS pop, bottoms up, n_gga im by the buck
dont look at the Ferrari you cant even buy the truck
ya boy fresh out the hood and he hot as f_ck
on a hunt for the cheese, keep ya ricatta tucked
they on that plottin sh_t, right in the lobby sh_t
run up in my yard and run around with the shoddy sh_t
family members identified in a body sh_t
cuz it been so long, that John Gotti sh_t
im in the 2-0-0 Maserati whip
concrete colored Mclaren its a hobby sh_t


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