Clips Freestyle - Lloyd Banks

I know the one n_gga
two n_gga
three n_ggaz think they can see me
but i could name my compotion on my pink
the rookie of the year so dont come at me
you looking at the quickest way to f_ck up your carrer, ya
you only agravating my ear
setting fuel to the fire
scattered views of a lyer
its not only the poeple its the egos I admire
me and money go together like mosiqitos in a tire
your waiting to the day to see refold and retire
I wear my outfits once your reloading your dryer
i got the, eye of a tiger, pactions of a sniper,
heart of a gerrilla hustle harder for the thrill
i know im a make it longer regardless cause im realer
spent the early days of my childhood around a killa, What!

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