Everywhere You Go - Lloyd Banks feat Infamous

[Intro-Lloyd Banks]
I don't know what you want me to do?
Oh, oh I, I get it
You lookin' for a super n_gga, huh?

[Chorus-Lloyd Banks]

You lookin' for somebody with some money
That'll fly you 'round the world
Getcha ev-ery-thing
Another prize you can show off like your pearls
Another mama done raised a material girl (girl)
You're searchin' for somebody people knows
So you can get attention everywhere you go (uh huh)
Another baller you can show off to your friends (yeah)
'Cause he ridin' in the Benz
That's what you want (you want)

[Verse 1-Infamous]
Now mami I can tell you need a man
Who's there for you, and cares fo you
An you aint gotta explain 'cuz he understands
Look at ya ex manm he still sprung, feindin for you
Sprained his wrist, now he uses the next hand
It takes a lot to keep you happy I can tell by what I seen
I treat you like a princess but u wanna be a queen
Im just being real with you, I aint tryna be mean
You aint looking at me, you only looking for the green
An ill be damned if I let u have fun with mine
Take all that green away, leave you damn near color blind
This rap money easy, f_ck hustlin rocks
My block too hot, I dont need no time in a box...
I give you a lil dough, we'll be touchin alot
Ask and I say no, we'll be fussin alot
It makes me mad and I wanna put my fist where ya grill lies
Take a second calm down, and thats when I realize

[Chorus-Lloyd Banks]

[Verse 2-Lloyd Banks]
I'm still gettin' them phone calls all times of day
Celebrity b_tches is worse than the ones around the way
I'd rather come from the A, she's been around the K
Around the drug--scene, gimme fake pounds and hugs
Congratulations mami, you done found the thug
Bandana, diamond studs, man shuttin' down the club
I hand her the swisher, she knows how to roll the killer
Around my dice games, 'cause it's cee-lo when she flow a.. (cee-lo)
I think I found her, I ain't gone jump the gun
Hop the fence, with a couple reasons in my defense
Look I done hardly took a chick to the movies
Let alone plane trips and jacuzzis, you speedin' (speedin')
I need a reason to say them 3 words when I'm leavin'
Believin', ya mine to myself
Man, listen
You must thinkin' I'm lyin' for my health
Okay, it's time to put my attention to someone else


[Lloyd Banks Outro]

That's what you want (you want)
But I can't be your super n_gga (be your super n_gga)
I can't be here, I can't be there (be there)
At the same time (same time)
Uh (uh)
Yeah (yeah)
Yeah (yeah)

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