I'm So Fly - Lloyd Banks

[Intro - Lloyd Banks]
Aye yo 50
They don't do it like us n_gga

I'm so fly, I got money
So that's good enough reason to buy the things I buy
I'm so high, I'm on point
And I could tell that your jealous just by the look in your eye
And when I ride by
I don't care, G-Unit's going straight to the top this year
N_gga I'm so fly, I got money
So that's good enough reason to buy the things I buy

[Verse - Lloyd Banks]
Uh, Banks is fresh out the gutter
Too smooth to stutter
The cig a melt a brother like two scoops of b_tter
Before I leave the crib I tell my mother I love her
Grab the burner
But she ain't concerned 'cause he's a earner
My b_tch lays it out real nice for me to murder
We fight, wake up and f_ck like Ike and Tina Turner
Its a privilege to ride with a celeb'
'Cause them girls over here don't got a problem giving head
Paranoia is on ya', that's why ya' llama's in ya' bed
F_ck some real Chinchilla, buy some Llama for ya' head
Where the block I'm from
N_ggaz be damn near forty and still tucking
And n_ggaz baby mama's is pregnant and still f_cking
It's either 'cause they boyfriends a scrub like Brillo
'Cause Banks is cooler than the other side of the pillow
The chronic is blown
For my n_ggaz that got locked up and deported
And now they gotta go back home


[Verse - Lloyd Banks]
Don't confuse me with the s_ckers
'Cause when I spit, You'll hear more ?Oh's?
Then a Skip-to my-Lou move at the Rucker
Thank God for giving Banks the gift
You think that bandana makes you look gangsta
But all I see is a handkerchief
N_gga there's no one out the click that freezes
Believe that, 'cause I ain't scared a sh_t but Jesus
Look dog, I don't run with the poodles
Difference is, I'm eating in Rome and you eating Roman Noodles
Ya' boy is corrupt kid
Banks a send a b_tch to the store
Just for a piece of cheesecake like Puff did
You chumps cant afford these homes
Look around I got forty clones
Now look down, that's forty stones
And that's only in the necklace
I'm bony and I'm wreck lace
It's Tony in a Lexus
I'm fresh out the gutter, scrap what ya' man thought
I'm in the hood with more straps than a Jan sport


[Verse - Lloyd Banks]
When I travel I know I'm gon' get stuck
'Cause they harass us in the airport
Like I'm the one that's blowing sh_t up
I got the patience of a High School teacher
And a bright future
Why the f_ck would I have a bum on my sneaker?
All the goodie girls back off us
My hearts colder then Jack Frost's
We pack shows and attract bosses
Black clothes with my black Forces
A black rose for a rats coffin
I'm blowing O's of that black coughing
Blow on the road then I'm back flossing
No one knows how much that's costing
F_ck ass, only the green moves me
I got a clean Uzi
A pair of gloves and a mask from the Scream movie
So if you plotting on popping off, then scheme smoothly
Or get a little red splatter on ya' cream Coogi
My name ring each state
So you ain't gotta go all the way to L.A. to get ya MC ate


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