Mr. Me Too Freestyle - Lloyd Banks

uh, i had it up to hear for the year
you f_cked up now, sh_t'll tear for ya pair
i pull a truck up round and tear up the square
n_gga wassup now, im here and you scared, all you n_ggas weird
now how many brought my cd kill
im ghetto, im trill, im a easy mill
years passed, n_ggas tryna be me still
went from watchin TV to a TV deal
see me peel, tye smoke in yo grill, chill
rocks raised in a 3D field, ill
now i play behind the GT wheel, skill
i grind like im runnin out of time
now they on me and come up by the dime
slim, thick, fine, Gabbana design
gettin my whip washed while im on the recline
a quarter to walk in, another quarter to rhyme
your time is so shorter than mine
cuz i get mine whenever its bread time
hes a perpetrator, i hurt the hater
do something real dumb now or hope its worth it later
this aint my worst behavior
this is free and every verse is paper
i guarantee money knot
this n_gga got a real watch full of dummy rocks
anybody that rock those is a dummy
and im in a drop rose and its sunny
rims is deep as the pot hole in the Roll
arrogant since snot nose and it shows
i aint havin it, i'll getcha holes in ya clothes
the reign aint over i got fours to expose
my closet is the mall, thats why im f_ckin ya hoes
.357 with the pinocchio nose
only as i hop out the rose...

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