On My Hip - Lloyd Banks

This right here it's a unit thing (a unit thing)
That means you're a hater you probably won't understand
or appreciated.

A hood n_gga comin up new year anotha truck
Nah i ain't worry about them runnin up
I got heat on my hip (that take stomach up)
I got heat on my hip (jump if you wanna jump)
I'm chipped up fresh to death 6's up nothin less
If you wonderin if i'm homie yes
I got heat on my hip
No lil wheels i got 23 on my sh_t
chick who runnin wit

Verse 1
Uh, move let a playa pass
They think i made it fast
I hit the gas and throw cash on that hater's ass (ass)
See you later lame (Lame)
I can't be late again (again)
They roll the red carpet out for me to make it reign
Woodgreen Cadillic lil n_ggas mad at that
Brought icegrill it don't matter black
I got heat on my hip
I'll bag yo b_tch f_ck then i fall asleep on that b_tch
Then in the morning back to gettin money that money don't make itself
You can rob, you can kill, you can steal from the selves
I'm ball like i never did
Roll up my weed and kick my feet on leatha sh_t


Aiyyo what up man it's yo boy Lloyd Banks
And right now you're tunin to GGGGG-unit Radio
Ya heard me wit my home my mothaf_cka homie Whookid
Cuz you ain't got no f_ckin money on me n_gga.

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