Stuntin' - Lloyd Banks

Yeah, New York city, it's me, LB
Who you came on?you shoot your first movie
I'm headed for the ? and I got him showing ?
The dopes from the ? I count them in my Cruzie
?baseball,? threesome and ? afternoon
I told her I was coming and she made it ?
I put my sh_t back on and tell her I'll see you soon

Soon, shoppers harpoon, ?
?barking at the moon
?Packing at the rhyme?
?money ain't nothing ..
?let her party with my cousin?

?rock em , grab them, ? never know what happen

Shorty say she love me, she don't even know me
Baby ? feed you ? hommie
?Belony how foney ..

Big faces you know yeah, Patty ? Kim, Courtney and ?
? kids like soda
?wet pop? and I'm gonna loose you
? the whole South Jamaica on my shoulder
? cause I love her, everybody does it
Cut more money, yeah

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