Take a Picture - Lloyd Banks

[Lloyd Banks]
This here is a little more than a mixtape so maybe i'll perform it
uh, the whip shine like theres baby oil on it
i honk the airhorn at them b_tches in the street
ayy, remember me, the on you called a creep
now my weed so sweet, i hit it and fall asleep
wake up, roll up again, i get it and bought it cheap
now you showin off jewlery and couldnt afford to keep
and he wont show his face so ima hook him on the beat
ima animal too, i put the hammer a do
make you feel like you need one so i ran with it too
in blue, now all of a sudden im back and my sh_t buzzin
the broads the kids the bloods and the crips love em
cuzin, we got the city on smash
when i'm at the stop like they put titties on the glass
im the leader of the class, the heat is in the stash
i dont read up on a pass, i dictate the future
millenium boy, you just cant get rid of ya boy
i chuck em the deuce and get a new toy
these n_ggas better start actin right, i aint rap too tight
i'll leave ya head red and white like a apple bite
come n_gga , i got a fat n_ggas appetite
pass thru the traffic light, smash on the coppers light (voooom)
the punchline kid is back n_gga, look what my punchlines did for rap
inspired the new jacks thats why they sound like that
where they chained down ear to the ground like that
the games in now, shot me cuz hes the punk
2 n_ggas in one like shot g and humpty hump
its on now, you got to pop me to shut me up
slugs missed ya, we aint mad at ya, boy he ducked
we can go hole for hole or cut for cut
it wont be the first time yall better toughen up
radio is all messed up now wat the f_ck is that
it gave em all of the spins and got nothin back
save ya self studio time and pump it back
i punch a car, you scream help when you see the sarg.
i'll go upside ya head, you'll see a bunch of stars
and yellow moons, im ballin with a plus garage
im Hugh Heffner all over when it come to broads
even the ones that dont fit in hump the cars(yeah)

im back, i cant wait to see you n_ggas in the street
i cant wait to see you n_ggas go to sleep
i cant wait to see you n_ggas 6 feet...underground
for f_ckin whit me now(blaaam!!)

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