This is The Life - Lloyd Banks

I'm gonna smoke all day
F_ck all night
I think I'm coming
This is the life
I'm counting money
Do what I like
Life is a gamble
Just shoot the dice
Glue money keeps..
Black girls popping
And purple weed burning
What I do with my time
No concern.. cops big money earning

Everybody is.. I ain't got to walk
I got to ride
Hustle like my time is short
Surround my..
.. common sense
Say you ain't playing
Know how hard I thought
F_ck these b_tches
They'll be there
When I'll get back
Back to the lab
.. had to go back to the..
.. carry on with my swag
.. is all over
Get better
.. these niggers have a death wish
And I can smell..

[Repeat Chorus:]

South side is where I got my style
.. the future is f_cked up
And crying ladies want their child back
Born in the combat
I get it spent more behind that
This.. contagious avoid contact
I've been rhyme jack
Lift away until I lost my mind
.. catch money is my favorite..
I'm like.. With a bullet back
.. there friends.. but they all wanna roll up
They don't wanna scrub
And I don't want no..
Baby.. until you catch me
Let me breathe until I catch that

[Repeat Chorus:]

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