Per Sempre Amore (Forever In Love) - Lolly

Hold me and tell me you'll always be mine
Now and for always, forever be mine
We are two people who share the same heart
Nobody ever can break us apart

* Oh, oh, no, no, we won't let go
Let the whole world know we're together

** Per sempre amore, I can't get enough
Per sempre amore, forever in love
When we're together, a gift from above
Per sempre amore, forever in love

(Per sempre amore, oh)
(Per sempre amore, oh)

Life's never bitter, it's so sweet with you
My head's in a spin, ain't nothing I can do
Hand on my heart, when I set eyes on you
I knew there and then all I wanted was you

[Repeat * , **]

[Repeat ** , ** , **] till fade

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