What's Wrong - Lost Boyz

[Freaky Tah]:
Now...now...now now now now

[Mr. Cheeks]:
Queen's Most Wanted...
Shout outs to the Bandit Baby, R.I.P.
We represent the LB to the day we day
Run with Lou, Spigg Nice, Freaky Tah
Ha ha it's Group Home Management there
Shout outs to Big Giz and Big Chuck
Shout out to the Packers baby
Get that money.... yo, yo, yo, yo

Hear you better get the seeds
When you livin' inside the Rotten Apple
Peoples from Queens be the chapel
I lay my score, bounce with my man
Come through, wet, plus set a trend now
How'd it all begin?
But first of all I laid in the cut
And peeped out these cats, that's what
I'm on the streets scramblin'
I'm inside the crib writin'
Sleeps durin' the day, creeps when it's night, and
I get my tunes together kid and we be zonin'
Before you know it's like five in the mornin'
Now go on home until we done with these beats
Hot 97 is callin' up, Scoop what it be?
Nothin' really kid bouncin' with my crew
City lights glistenin', listenin' to you
Peeped yo' topic and we heard that girl
Ask that chick, what's wrong with this world
For real....

[Chorus x4]:
What's wrong with the way I live
For the loot they refuse to give

[Mr. Cheeks]:
I'm just ya ordinary guy, get high
Make my trees do my things
Handle my resposibilites
And I swing with my peeps
Late night hit the streets solo creeps
Gettin' busy in between the sheets
That's how we do get this money
And yo run our sh_t
Got my guns sheisty motherf_ckas wanna end
Me and my team mad cause they ain't go what we got
So they come tryin' to blow up the spot
Hear we got skills plus we got gats
Plus we got a clip that's f_ckin' quick to react
I lay low where my head be
Besides the loot I got n_ggas tryin' to jack me
I tell cats that I can't f_ck around now
I gotta chill n_gga hold the fort down now
N_ggas still always tryin' to f_ckin' put sh_t in the game
On and off stage it's all the same
Word up...


[Mr. Cheeks]:
To all my peeps that's young and old
Yes indeed man I hope we all acheive the goal
To succeed and be all we can be
I recommend that you defend til the end G
Now basically I'm seein' younger cats sheddin' tears
Seen my peoples caught up in the mix black
Some people say that there's no way to fix that
Younger cats get your knowledge education
Get this here we didn't get that information
As you can see I'm just an older cat gettin' down
Send my message through my livin' plus a hit sound
Besides man I runs with the LB
In 9-7 there's nothin' you can tell me
Word up I only represent the way I can be livin'
Worked hard but they stills not skippin'
Word up...


Don't go try changin' my life...
Don't go try changin' my life...

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