NGL - Lupe Fiasco feat Ty Dolla Sign

N_ggas wanna win
These n_ggas wanna win
These n_ggas wanna win
Everybody wanna be a mothaf_ckin' winner
That ain't how it work though, yeah

Ayy, ayy, disproportionate convictions
Especially when it come to our case (our case)
You seen the movie, they killed the n_gga
Why you wanna be like Scarface?
That's why n_ggas gon' lose
Oh yeah, I said it, n_ggas gon' lose
And you can have a friend and you can have a Benz
One's sittin' down, the other's traffickin'
If you get the car then your friend dies
Havin' one keeps the other one from happenin'
I hope a n_gga don't lose
F_ck that car, n_gga
N_ggas gon' lose

And she want love, you only want sex
You got yours, she didn't get hers
She got no respect, y'all had a son
She like, "F_ck you," she only want a check
That lil' n_gga gon' lose
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Mothaf_cka, n_ggas gon' lose
Yeah and these rap n_ggas talk about the hood
Like we all lames and they seen it
It's entertain', it's cool as hell
That beat dope, that don't mean sh_t
That's why n_ggas gon' lose
F_ck you talkin'? N_ggas gon' lose
If they legalize that whole thing
They doin' weed, next c_caine
N_ggas ain't gon' have no jobs
And Wall Street gon' run the dope game
What a n_gga gon' do? Huh?
You n_ggas gon' lose

And when you see me you don't see yourself
That's why I got no problem shootin' me
Willie Lynch set the sh_t up beautifully
One of the reasons n_ggas ain't got unity
That's why n_ggas gon' lose
Ayy f_ck that sh_t, ayy, n_ggas gon' lose, yeah
And most hood n_ggas is good n_ggas
In a heartbeat, I'll shed blood for him
But he too stupid, he won't sit down
That n_gga too hot, I got love for him
That n_gga gon' lose
On my mama, that n_gga gon' lose, yeah
And you did it 'cause your daddy did it
But he locked up in there and ain't happy with it
Do the same thing, get the same results
If your brain work then what's the matter with it?
You knew you was gon' lose
They told you, n_gga
You was gon' lose

I never met a saint, from no color
From nowhere, from no other
From no castle, from no gutter
It ain't nobody that don't suffer
Some n_ggas gon' lose
Some n_ggas gon' lose
Promised land, I don't believe that
Had a dream and I don't need that
Please God, send us some jobs
'Cause my n_ggas really really need that
Or n_ggas gon' lose
That's right, n_ggas gon' lose, yeah
And we sell dope then we turn around
Give the white people all our profits
Take a percentage of that, set it to the side
And send these lil' n_ggas off to college
So n_ggas don't lose
Yeah, n_ggas don't lose
And if they offer somethin', just take it
Then work hard, don't waste it
Every castle started at the basement
Yeah your manager's a racist
But you're the one that's gon' lose
That's right, n_ggas gon' lose

And these n_ggas gon' lose, oh
I said, I said everybody wanna be a winner
Everybody wanna be a winner
Be a mothaf_ckin' winner
Never gotta worry 'bout nothin'
But some n_ggas gon' lose
Yeah so n_ggas don't lose
And it's f_cked up, some n_ggas gon' lose
You wake up and you hear shots
Mean another n_gga got his tear drops
And you call his phone and ain't pickin' up
And your stomach hurtin', that fear drops
I hope a n_gga ain't lose

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