Ascension - Mac Miller

I wonder if every body hope that this song is not depressing as the last one was
Heaven smelled like [?]
Come here darling, ash my blunt (Smoke)
Waiting on hallucination, ain't a single fact I trust (No)
Dear family, my sanity go down when my cash go up
Rap too much, how the f_ck get through the verse
I came from house parties, find a b_tch and go through her purse
All I need is a little good p_ssy and whole lot universe
I met God before I ever stepped into a church and that motherf_cker still owe me money
I need a religion to follow
I swear to God that I got more problems than there is b_tches in Carlo
Lord have Murcielago, yeah
And I don't know how the f_ck I'm supposed
To look into my parents eyes when I'm scared to die
My eyes same color as a cherry pie
Woah, see I'm terrified
Crucifix heavy, who gon' carry mine?
Yeah, what's with all this talk about hella Satan
And sleep deprevation
If this is planet Earth, than my hell's a basement

A brand new me
Yeah, yeah
Why you wanna do me like that, Miss Conception?
Between heaven and hell
What's between heaven and hell
A brand new me, oh it's the brand new me

Okay, f_cking tell these kids one this is make sure handle your business
A criminal leave no witness, and don't ever trust these b_tches
What happened to your life when your house become a home
Where your children at? Where your children at?
You got two sons, all they do is fight
You up through the night like gimme-gimme-gimme dat
Yeah, nice titties, got a pic, go and send me that
[?] can you give her that?
F_ck rap, make a million off a sh_tty app
Yeah, smoke trees in the cab
Pittsburgh, show you where the city at
And don't forget that H, get you smacked in your face
Got so many sons, I was young, now they half my age
90K out in Portugal, smile on my face, back [?] stage
My sh_t bad, sh_t crazy and that sh_t fascinates me
On my tongue where the tab is and it burn like battery acid
I was in the backs of my classes by the kids having asthma attacks
Cause he panicked every single time he sat on his glasses
Every Wonderland have a Alice
But I'm a king God can I have a chalice
I'm demanding the truth, put your hands to the roof
Be a man, that's a challenge

(Challenge, are you up for that challenge)
A brand new me
Yeah, yeah
(Yeah, everybody got to have balance)
Why you wanna do me like that, Miss Conception?
Between heaven and hell
(Salvation, and the underworld [?] gotta keep that b_tch waiting
What's between heaven and hell
A brand new me, oh it's the brand new me
(And that's fascinating, please be a little patient)

I ain't a doctor, could be a little patient
Yeah, be a little patient
Everything will be okay then, be a little patient
One world, one nation, done waiting
Yeah, yeah
Now I'm still sipping m_onshine
We discovered a new high, me and Jerm done this a few times
Yeah, but who's high now
Talk a lot of sh_t but will you die now
What you gonna do when everybody die out, just go die out
Let's ride out

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