Ave Maria - Mac Miller

Yea, and I can't feel my legs, I'm a paraplegic
Lord, I want a fair one with my demons
Cam Myers became married to Jesus
Born dead, they had to dig up my fetus
And now the devil want to tear me to pieces
I'm a diagnosed insomniac
An astronaut who blasted off into the stars galactic
On top of Saturn, fox-trotting with Velociraptors
The dino-aliens invaded Earth, so they could feed on hypochondriacs
Preparing for the rapture, closet hillbilly with the spinners on the tractor
I listen to Uncle Kracker
But, that's white America for you, we all that matters
I'm walking backwards, shadowboxing with karate masters
It's more to rap, we sell the royal crack at Castle Rock
A bad apple like an unemployed Macintosh
We lost jobs
Now they brainwashed with dot com
It's only so long before we surrender the free world to Hong Kong

And centers stay still, but the merry go round, and round
It all just keeps spinning
Gotta keep swimming
Eat drink and let the merry go round
Eat drink and let the merry go round

I got a double sided silver dollar
Larry Fish here from midget league, beginner slaughter
I'm not drowning, I'm waiting in the water
Killing off these monsters ever since I was a Sabra
I got horses on my PJ's
Shout to spitta jet life, I fit the Porsches on the PJ's
On stage, sending dark forces to my DJ
The birdies on tour like PGA
Davis love the third, Pittsburgh warrior
Bullets in my cornea
In exelsis Deo, ayo, this is Gloria
Ave, Ave Maria, I'm getting bread, yeast rise on Easter
Money is God
Black beaches with jungle fever I love to be on
You on the B-Team I f_ck with Solange
All my life they said I doesn't belong
So I'm chilling, growing drugs on my lawn


Yeah, what what
Have you found a way out?
Have you found a way out?
Vacation in Slovakia, celebrating Mardi Gras
Eating baklava and lobster claw through a [?]
With Mafia immigrants
Finna take 'em on a pilgrimage
Have you found a way out?

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