Castle Made of Sand - Mac Miller

lets take it to the top now
to the top now baby
imma take my time
through rain sleet snow
imma keep getting dough
you can find me on my ground
so put ur muthaf_ckin hands in the sky
and if ur sittin down please stand
cuz im on the rise and i reside
on this castle made of sand
let me getta hand clap
imma make an entrance
giving yall the lecture
then im taking questions
my soul is sour making sentence make a weapon
swimming in the deep end
you b_tches taking lessons
then i hear u hating on the boy
well i aint affended
cuz im the captain of the team and u play the benches
from breaking it down to rolling it up
put an a d in the blunt
and im smoking it up
but ta kos but i stay with a few
but they replace like the lace in my shoe
so tell me what to do

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