Cold Feet - Mac Miller

I rap better cause I'm mad clever
Oh my God! Hey

They always want that fresh sh_t when you tryna
Spit a little something real
They start running, turning chicken like a nugget meal
How the f*ck I feel? Kinda like 100 mill..
Spun the wheel, bought a vowel, I don't owe you nothing still
F*ck a deal, I can do it with my own team
Won before Sheen hearing all these hoes scream
When I was 14, sippin' on my OE
Tryna marry money but that b*tch kept getting cold feet
Music loud, hear it banging through the whole street
Beat getting sh_t on: toilet bowl seat
No sleep, just work, got a couple horny girls
In a see-through shirt
So believe my hype, muthaf*ckas can't read nor write
Still they talking sh_t man, I've seen your type..
Got problems, can't sleep at night
Cause your girl want to come around freak all night
I'm a sex drill when I'm rolling off them x pills
Five bikes, ten wheels. girl I'll leave your legs still
Say I don't do drugs, just weed
Well I'ma do drugs and speed down the street
Do doughnuts, your flow s_cks, you so b_tt
Your girl's getting throat f*cked
I get high, I go up
Why you saying that he's a trend?
Come to all those shows just to meet your friends?
So much coke sniffed, f*cking hoes with bloody noses
Just a couple doses, f*ck the roses
Class time: better take good notes
You b*tches couldn't touch me with a Facebook poke

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