Get It on The Floor - Mac Miller

Y'all ain't doin' jack sh_t, just a buncha has beens
What the f_ck happened? why you stop rappin?
I'm the future, tryna ball like a hoopa
Attack a beat like a cougar, rouga [?]
Who da... dude that wanna come and talk sh_t
I'm so fly, high up in my cock pit
The tapes comin' boy wait until I drop it
It's some hot sh_t I know you gon cop it
It's like tha carter 3 mixed with da chronic (classic)
Plus some big l and nas hits
I tell em watch this, start spittin out rockets
Light a beat up like some fiber optics
Pause... you ain't seen this yet kid
Ressurectin this dmx diff
On tracks I be doin them bmx flips
Sex chicks and move on up to the next b_tch
Big like texas don't mess with tha freshest
Yeah I spin electric my set is the best
In the PA, country, continent, the world
Cryin lil b_tches I ain't startin with u girls
It's Mac (it's Mac) It's Mac jump back
Dumb raps and my lungs is black
Uhh yeah it's mac, say it again
Chest collapse when you takin it in
I'm playin to win spittin it right
We just a couple a kids livin the life
And I'm stayin sharp like the end of a knife
And ya girl come to me cause u ain't hittin it right

Haha ay yo that's how it go down, don't even need a hook for this sh_t know what I'm sayin?
I'm just keep on spittin let this camera keep rollin' and sh_t

Lesson, if you wanna play with da kid
See don't come bull sh_ttin sayin you spit
Say you, up and comin but just buggin
I don't rap for the stacks I rap cause I rap
And mac be the cat with the haze and the dro
Games for the doe I'm the next up to blow
Stretchin the flows I'm that all white
And spark mic's like a shark bite
You as bright, bout as bright as a car light
And you ain't tight you just all right
I'm as nice as a calm night
Chillin with some broads bout as raw as a bar fight
Cannon on me any more the base bumpin through tha floor
Make veterans feel like they ain't did it before
I'm a black belt b_tch get ya ass kicked
My weed bomb you could smell it through the plastic
Take a whiff, please all ya senses
In this rap sh_t they call me God's apprentice 'cause
They say the kid got the hardest sentence
Feelin like a pitch from Roger Clemens.

That's how it go down
You know how it is all day
Mac miller, easy mac the juke box.
Play any beat muhh f_cker, I'm a murder it
Career criminal
Serial killer.

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