Lucky Ass Bitch - Mac Miller feat Juicy J

[Juicy J]
Ol' ratchet ass b_tch
(F_ck me) tryna get your hustle on
Ain't no n_gga gunna pay your muthaf_ckin' bills, b_tch
Get your own sh_t, I don't give a f_ck, ho
Mac Miller, tell these hoes what's up, man

[Verse 1: Mac Miller]
She sayin' f_ck me, f_ck me, she like it rough and that's rugby
I'm partyin' where there's drugs free, this life to live, it don't come cheap
Leave a hand print on her b_tt cheek, she give me head while I puff trees
I'm on drugs, she on drugs, her nose just got bloody
Sniffin' coke lines off my d_ck, she ridin' on that train
She crushin' down that powder, I'm puffin' on this Sour
Been f_ckin' her for hours and I still ain't got my nut
You f_ckin' with that molly, she ain't gon' let you bust
Give me some while I hit the blunt, I'm in ya spirit, let me lift it up
If daddy come, get my sh_t and run, he gon' see my ass, go and get his gun
You a devil b_tch, let me tell you that, feel like I been to hell and back
You textin' me, addicted, you need me, you miss it
She crazy, she nasty, everyday she harass me
I'm f_ckin' her to sleep and then she pay for my taxi
God damn, the sun is comin' up
That's the last time that I'm gon' be f_ckin' with them drugs

She get a bunch of money, spend it all on drugs
Mobbin' with her b_tches, never fall in love
Dumpin' out that yayo, sniffin' all it up
Go ahead and hate her, cause everybody does

God damn, that's a lucky ass b_tch [X4]

[Verse 2: Mac Miller]
She got money, drugs and freedom, blunts what she's cheefin'
She ain't got a job, but f_ck it, she don't need one
Drive drunk, she swervin', tryna f_ck, she's certain
Run around and stumble down, hit her head, she hurtin'
Drunk as f_ck, sniffin' pills, wildin' out, tell the b_tch to chill
Cup of syrup and a blunt of purp
Which one of my homie's gon' f_ck her first?
She in love with drugs, that p_ssy get licked up
Picked up, then d_cked down, b_tch, tell me who rich now?
You f_ckin' with the Most Dope knuckleheads
Gettin' money, f_ck the feds, yeah that Stevie Wonder bread
Ain't a rookie, uh, that b_tch is famous, Snookie
One thing I won't do, (what's that?) pay for p_ssy


[Verse 3: Juicy J]
I'm trippy mane, looking for a trippy chick
That like to get f_cked up and do some trippy sh_t
Paper planes rolled up I call them trippy sticks
Weed, pills, and the drank (codeine)- she with it
Juicy got money and juicy got b_tches
Smoking and drinking that Charlie Sheen living
Up in this b_tch keep two hoes with me
Poppin' them superman pills getting freaky (they freaky)
I like double D's, she like double D's
Shawty can't lose, she play on both teams
Hell in her mouth, her becky fire
Molly pills, orange juice got the b_tch wired
All my hoes got money and they keep me higher
Then I line em' up for a menage-a-tois-er


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