Pen Game - Mac Miller

PA to Bk
Easy Mac
I love money, I love money.
You take a buck from me, you doug funny.
I said I love money, I love money.
You take a buck from me, better duck dummy.

Yo, with my man Skyzoo, is the class clown of his high school.
Ground you in typhoons, hittin' you with rhymes too
Haters keeps they eyes glued, pound if you mind, do.
We stay high like Einstein's IQ
And ya'll muther f_ckas know where I'm comin from
Chewin' cats up, like a little pice of bubble gum.
Tryin double sum's, hustle, wanna let my money run.
I ain't even battling dude, I'm having fun with it.
Jokes make him feel wrong in his own skin,
Sippin gin from a bin that's makin' my dome spin.
And your the type that'd try to take from your own can
feel it close on your toes, hangin from clothes pins.
I'm spittin blades, God damn it, my tooth hurts.
I'm out feelin' with a bunch of cancerous tumors.
Yup, music's my baby, I ain't gon, lose her.
So I stay with the radio, like Cuba Gooding Junior.

Who you think could bother me lyrically?
In the middle of our last time

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