50 [Interlude] - Machine Gun Kelly feat French Montana

[Hook: Machine Gun Kelly]
Ech, pimpin
I got fifty hoes on my d_ck ain't that some sh_t
I got fifty hoes on my d_ck ain't that yo' b_tch?
I got fifty hoes on my d_ck, every one of them vouchin'
I got fifty hoes
You got fifty hoes?
Hold on I'm counting, damn
Fifty hoes, fifty hoes, fifty hoes on my d_ck [x3]
Fifty hoes, fifty hoes, every one of them vouchin', damn

[Verse 1: Machine Gun Kelly]
I got fifty hoes on my d_ck b_tch
Fifty o's in my zip b_tch
Burn the roof off this muhhf_cka like I got fifty stoves in my whip b_tch
We all smoking and driving
Might as well say that I'm flying
Might as well call me the pilot
B_tches in my cockpit I don't check mileage
I just f_ck my ho like I'm 'sposed to
And when she bring her friends I f_ck both
I brought the b_tch to thanksgiving
Cus she f_cks with me when I'm broke
Ain't nothing funny about the way I get money
And them Cleveland boys ain't no joke
I'm the truth and the truth is hard to swallow
So you better tell these b_tches don't choke, echo
I got one b_tch, I got two b_tch, I got three b_tch, I got four
I tell the fifth b_tch to tell sixth b_tch to get the seventh b_tch to bring mo'.
Ain't no hand cuffin cousin
That b_tch ain't on parole
And pimpin ain't easy pimp but pimpin's all that I know, God damn

[Hook: Machine Gun Kelly]

[Verse 2: French Montana]
Ay ay ay ay ay Montana
I got fifty hoes on my d_ck
I got bout fifty hoes on that strip
I got bout fifty load in that grip
I'll put bout fifty holes in your fit
My roof way back
Montana stay strapped
F_ckin n_ggas hate that
Bad b_tches play back
My pinky 80 stacks
Cash I'm coppin
Diamonds shining rocky ASAP
I told them I be pimpin on them b_tches
You can call me pimping ken
I f_ck em once and tell em go and bring a friend
She ain't seen a real n_gga ball in a minute
She ain't seen that money stacked tall to the ceiling
White Maybach no roof in the ceiling
When I take em to the crib all the bad b_tches with it

[Hook: Machine Gun Kelly]

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