Baddest - Machine Gun Kelly

[Verse 1:]
Promethazine at 13 muthaf_cka,
Everything slow motion, I'm not an earthling muthaf_cka,
And you are not a girl your a goddess,
Us against world, girl I got us,
Benihanas for them lame sh_ts,
She in the kitchen whippin cheese eggs with the same hand that she rolled the Js with,
6 inch heels,
5 course meals
4 years she's been my 32, my center like Shaquille,
One time for my bad b_tches,
Whose mouths are sacreligious, cause magic is a sin, and my d_ck always vanishes.
Pictures on the cam of me shakin her ass,
Cause we drunk and wanna make this moment last,
And the way yo back arch, when u lay on that cushion,
The way yo toe's curl blowin smoke rings on the p_ssy,
Make that muthaf_cka cream, from squeezin on her cookie,
She want me to make her scream, I ain't a killer but don't push me
Police wanna lock me down, haters wanna shut me up,
B_tches f_ckin with me now, u was with me coming up,
So I'm a hold u down cause u the only one that I can trust,
2 fingers represent and throw it up, Lace up b_tch,

And when it all falls down, and there is nothin left,
I'll still be around, Kells tatted on her breast,
I look up to the stars, made a wish to have everything in a girl,
Look down and there she is the baddest b_tch in the world,
Baddest b_tch in the world [x3],
She crazy but I love my babygirl, baddest b_tch in the world,

[Verse 2:]
Popped her cherry at 14 muthaf_cka,
Dropped out and now she pop it-pop it-pop it like the twerk team muthaf_cka,
Embarrassed of the fact that she a stripper,
But maybe that's the reason that I'm with her,
Gave me excuses to f_ck with these other hoes, while she dancin on a d_ck,
Knowin that she can't say sh_t,
Fighting every single night, but we f_ckin every day,
But She know how to hold her own, and she do everything I say,
Bad b_tch, (what she do?)
Left class just to pick me up and smash,
We ain't even go inside I just f_cked her on the dash,
Bad boy, so she love it when I smack her on the ass,
Friends jealous cause they wantin what she have,
Scars underneath my tatts, she be worried I just laugh,
Sit back and roll a zig zag up with some hash and let it ash,
Cause if the world crash then at least we already fell into love,
And the J already burnin so wassup, muthaf_cka
It is us against the world so wassup, muthaf_cka
Back against the wall so wassup


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