Breaking News - Machine Gun Kelly

[Verse 1:]
Backpack? F_ck that
I was always hanging where the thugs at
I was always hanging with the rugrats
Someone come and show me where the drugs at
Someone come and pop on a hot song, meaning my sh_t, get an iPhone take a video and make it last long get some popcorn because I murder every single instrumental that I get on
And a muthaf_cka isn't gonna stop the sh_t
Until I make an album like a 2pacalypse
Until I'm killing everybody like in Auschwitz
Until I'm revolutionary like a Gandhi is
Until I'm poppin' all these bottles to accomplishments
Until I'm always hot no matter what the climate is
Until whenever somebody is feeling talkative my name is brought up, doesn't matter what the topic is
Didn't think I rap? B_tch I flow like "boom boom bap"
B_tch I come from where you never moved at
Look into my room get a view, look at my past
God damn
Got weed, got jack, oxy's? Had that
Got Jimi, got Slash, got shrooms, got hash
Bipolar syndrome, kicked in, got mad
Walked on the red carpet like kiss my ass you b_tch

[More Sound Clips of Various People talking about MGK:]
He was truly the only developed on-point performer on the bill
If you know anything about lyricists, then you know who MGK is
I need a freestyle, I need to hear Machine Gun Kelly spit

[Verse 2:]
F_ck that, y'all don't gotta hear sh_t
Ask anybody in the 216 if my name rings bells in them bricks
"Man everybody know who that is"
What you hate, boy? You late, boy
You ain't heard about that great boy?
3 letter name cacausian boy
Used to live right there up the way, boy
You heard about him, you've said the name
You saw the iTunes and clicked to play
You liked the sh_t and you bought the sh_t
Put him on the playlist right next to Jay
Then your girl saw me, I signed her tits
And she disappeared you couldn't find the b_tch
Then your heart stopped you know what time it is
I put my d_ck in her common sense
F_ck boy you lonely
F_ck boy you phony
You would think these f_ck boys f_cking boys with the way that they be all on me
If it ain't EST in your mouth... then whatever you rep is corny
Got a new single without me on it? That sh_t's boring, b_tch I'm snoring
Man I'm touring every damn day
I showed y'all how to turn up
100 j's in my ashtray b_tch I showed y'all how to burn up
I sacrificed what y'all wouldn't give to these kids and now you love fans?
None of these rappers got a movement tell 'em quit jocking my ass
God damn...
And y'all can have the bloggers I don't type sh_t
God gave me both these hands to fight with
Now say goodnight quick because my right fist's like Vicodin
Might just throw you on the ground like dices
Might just go into the pocket with your license, get a wallet and a couple dollars, buy nice sh_t
Dyke b_tches all over my d_ck, that's priceless
I just f_ck 'em if they're wet like Pisces
Wives is jealous of the b_tch I'm with cause they almost F'd like D-... get it?
Digest every little word I'm spittin' cause it's food for thought so pay attention
Better listen, I'm on a mission to killing off all of my competition and if you are with that then good riddance muthaf_cka!

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