Truck Norris Interlude - Machine Gun Kelly

Truck Norris, Chuck Norris (Y'all n_ggas funny as f_ck)
Truck Norris (He called the n_gga "Truck")
Man, n_gga, you gotta really close your eyes to realize
What Chuck Norris even look like, like...
That n_gga looked just like "Damn..."
Before he turned, that n_gga looked like Chuck
Like (Pull up, Truck Norris, hahaha)
Y'all n_ggas funny as f_ck
(Ayy, Truck Norris was funny but Bruce Norris was⁠-)
They's, they's, them two gon' come up like... (It's gon' be a .GIF)
He gon' have that same picture last night that you posted
He gon' be like...
That n_gga said "Pull up, Truck Norris", hahaha
Y'all n_ggas funny, man
Man, I know you gonna be on that...
Truck Norris

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