You Want Them Nervous (Skit) - Macy Gray

You know you make people scared to you - you know what I mean? M.G - Right - Your fans should be more scared to you, right? you should go on stage and get you a microphone stan made out of a old school sword, or something like that, right? -and just whip it around?
-no, no whip it, just, no, they don't know what a sword's for. that's what a sword swept somebody, right? Just a presence of a long, of a long sword people get it .like wow, you gonna step somebody's ass before it solds over. and when it's gonna happen this gonna know whenit will be done or somebody else.
-Don't you think they'll leave? -No, they won't leave 'cause they scared. If you lay turn your back adn you're gonna step in the air with the sword. -SO I'm gonna . when performing I'll be nervous -Of course you want them nervous. You don't wanna em leave. You want to be performant with that damn mike stand the sword, I mean the big owen like an old school, like Escalibur, you know what I mean? A big ass one, and while you sing it you hold the microphone standing, you're leaning the doors stuff but then they gonna move and soon they will turn their back

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