All American Badass - Mad Caddies

Goin out on friday night
drinking with your good friends
work for the man
do the best you can
to make it to the weekend
every bodys coming out
and were gona have a good time
just forget all the bullsh_t
and everything will be fine

get to the show
things start to go
and everyone is swayin
drinks in the air
and we dont care coz the band has started playin
a guy walks by with a look in his eye
and we know what hes doin
hes just out to find about the face he can ruin


fight fight fight
and ya think its right coz ya always f_ckin wasted
your gona go to the punk rock show
to rearrange some faces
fight fight fight and ya think its right
testosterone abuser
your gonna go to the punk rock show
but ya just a f_ckin loser

dont look now
i heard a pow
and theres a girl a cryng
he let one fly and hit her in the eye
and on the floor shes lyin
your friends all thought you were pretty cool when they saw you deck her
i thought you knew what steroids do to your drunken little pecker

repeat chorus

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