Veras - Madonna

T? piensas que yo no podr? vivir sin t?
T? piensas no podr? sobrevivir
Que nada me queda, si no est?s junto a m?
Ver?s que no es as?

T? piensas que jam?s ser? feliz sin t?
Que destruiste al fin mi coraz?n
Que no voy a descubrir la forma de volver atr?s
Sin t?, yo s? que s?


Ya lo ver?s
No necesito a nadie m?s
Podr? resistir
Voy a poder seguir
Lo har? por m?
Ser? mi gloria personal
Nadie, ni t?, me la podr? quitar

Acepta la verdad, no llorar? por t?
Yo s? que as? ser?, podr? salir
Voy a saltar sin red, y no voy a caer
Ser? mejor sin t?


You think I won't be able to live without you
You think: she won't be able to survive
That I have nothing left if you're not by my side
You'll see, it's not like that

You think I'll never be happy without you
That finally you destroyed my heart
That I won't find my way back
Without you, I know I will


You will see
I don't need anyone else
I will resist
I'll manage to go on
I'll do it for myself
It will be my personal glory
No one, not even you, can take it from me
You'll see

Accept the truth, I will not cry for you
I know it'll be so, I will pull through
I'll jump without a net, and I'm not going to fall
It will be better without you


You'll see

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