Anything Left - Manchester Orchestra

Friday night is fight night in the city
seven mothers crack a shiny boxing gloves ?
you will need 'em
to defeat 'em
who will take the gold picking and the betting (?)
bright lights and fist fights bring the attendence up
it's so trendy on the marquee

and i will waitwaitwait if there's anything left t to tell me
well i'm sorry darling you have crossed the line
and i will waitaitait if there's anything left of me
i'll show you all the doctor's mine can't deny (?)

i willl throw the fight i swear to Jesus
clearly head inside the main offense tonigh
she believed him
cause he's bleeding
tongue-tied in the ninth round of contention
our fair lady wins a no contesting bout
with a hand gun
to a loved one

and i will wiataitaitait
if there's anything left just tell me
and i will waitaitaitwait
if there's anything left of me
i'll give you anything you need of me to make this right.

and i will waitaitait if there's anything left don't tell me
i bet everything is going to be all right
and i will waitaitwait
if there's anything left behind don't tell me
cause this time everything will not be fine.

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