Please Don't Go - Manchester Orchestra

On the outside of your window
i lie
and make all my plans for the week
i can talk all night long about those that i love
who's strong
and who's weak

in her little black box
she keeps pictures of Jesus
and the bruise that she received again
in his little black box
he keeps his innocence
and the tears when he says
"don't go"
but she didn't listen
did she?
don't go darling
don't go

realizing that he didnt need her as much
as he needed fixing again
wasn't half as hard as he thought it was gonna be
well at least you're being honest
don't go
but you never listen
do you
don't go
just go
don't go

can you hear my voice on the telephone
trying to feel alive again?

finally realized that i didnt need them at all
much less to feel alive again

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