Broken Hearted And Beautiful - Marc Almond

Waves break over the shore, her heart breaks over him
Fickle love, faded fantasies, sweet dreams turning sour within
She touching 44 and he not so sweet 16
And though she loved him more it seemed this love had never, ever been

Oh, you know your still beautiful
<repeat 3 times>

Empty bottles on the shelf as time came to pass
(on the shelf your lonely heart)
She thought she'd find his angel face in the bottom of a whiskey glass
(thinking of him, fall apart)
Could've been his mother but she hoped she'd be his lover just for a little while
Freshened up he make-up, sighed, and tried to welcome middle age with a friendly smile

She leans to tattoo him with one long last kiss
Gee i never knew love could be like this
The smell of cheap gin laced with midnight cologne
The man on the t.v. calls kathy, kathy come home
Yeah, kathy come home

Waves break over the shore her heart broke over him
(the waves take your breaking heart)
She threw her memories to the sea and now it's just as if he'd never, ever been
(tides bring a brand new start)
Never, ever been
Letters and photographs, the tide has taken them far away, far away
She still looking beautiful and who needs him anyway? anyway.

Oh, you know your still beautiful
<repeat to fade >
Let the waves take your breaking heart
<repeat 3 times>
Your breaking heart
Your breaking heart

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