Till The End Of Time - Mariah Carey

Close to me
Oh, I need you close to me
Loving me
Close to you
How can I get close to you
Help me to

Why can't you see
I would give the world away
To have you by my side
I'm so in need
Each and every night I pray
You'll come and save my life
I would love you
Till the end of time

I think of you
Every moment that I go through
Thoughts of you
I dream of you
All I have are so many dreams of you
Won't you please come true


Tell me what you need
Let me give you all of me
Without you nothing's real
You're the reason that I feel

Tell me what you need
Let me give you everything
Every moment I'm alive
Until the end of time

I would love you till the end of time (repeat and fade)

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