Addicted - Marit Larsen

(You got me then) You got me then, you've got me still

(Still I'm waiting) I don't know how it makes you feel

My mind is spinning round like fifty-seven ferris wheels

At full speed

(Carve it in stone) You're flawless like a photograph

(Or leave it alone) It's not funny but it makes me laugh

And lately I've been busy losing sleep because of you

I'm afraid it's true


I'm starting to see it, I refuse to believe it

I'm addicted to your love

I try to resist it, it's torture and bliss

But I'm addicted to your love

(Slowly, slowly) I'm running every traffic light

(Easy on me) I'm challenging disturbing heights

Say hold your horses, hold your breath, and hold that thought tonight, yeah

Keep it quiet, that's right

(Will not break you) I can't resist a word you say

(Hold it right there) I'm plain defenseless either way

I probably should let it be, and throw away the key

What does that leave me?


Now what is to become of us

I'm constantly delirious

I ought to stay away from you, I know

Why should I put my mind through this

It's obviously dangerous

I'm hopelessly addicted to your love... love...


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