Always & Forever - Marques Houston

I don't wanna be calling your phone
I don't care what time you get home
And I hate the fact that you live so damn close to me
I don't like that I can't stop thinking bout you
And I hate that you walk like you do (ohh baby)

But it's just something bout ya
And I just can't take it
Girl it's just something bout ya
And I just can't take it

It's your thighs, your lips, your calves, your lips,
It's your hair, did I mention your lips

Why I behold you
Why do I want you
Always and forever
Always and forever

Cause girl you got it
I'm goin keep it
Oh you got me trippin on you
So that's why I want you
Always and forever
(End Chorus)

I don't want to be pickin you up,
Taking you on dates and shi*
I don't wana be payin your bills,
Gettin you all spoiled and shi*
Don't want you to decorate my house but I can't help it
Girl you make me feel so comfortable
I'd be damned if I let you go (ohh)


I try hard to keep my cool but I
Can't live, I can't, I shake cause I'm
So strung on you
But its cool cause I'm gettin all my hits from you
And girl it gets to me the way that I'm feelin
It's so crazy cause I don't know how I'm dealin
Girl if I lose you I'm done
Cause I know you're that one


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