Where Would You Be - Martina McBride

I wonder where your heart is
Cause it sure doesn't feel like it's here.
Sometimes I think you wish
That I would just dissappear
Have I got it all wrong
Have you felt this way long
Are you already gone?

Do you feel lonely
When you're here by my side
Does the sound of freedom echo in your mind?
Do you wish you were by yourself
Or that I were someone else?
Anyone else?

Where would you be?
If you weren't here with me
Where would you go
If you were single and free
Who would you love?
Would it be me?
Where would you be?

I don't want to hold you back,
No, I don't want to slow you down
I don't want to make you feel
Like you were tied up and bound
Cause that's not what love's about
If there's no chance we could work it out
Tell me now
Ohh, tell me, tell me now


Have I become the enemy?
Is it hard to be yourself in my company?


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