Deep Inside - Mary J. Blige

The problem is for many years
I lived my life publicly
So it's hard for me to find a man I trust, (I really trust)
And every time I find someone I like
Gotta worry about
If it's really me that they see and I thought you were the one

Deep Inside I wish that you could see
That I'm just plain old Mary
Deep inside I wish that you could see
That I'm just plain old Mary, Mary

I don't have alot of friends
And sometimes I have to wonder
Is it cash they see when they look at me?
'Cause they're lookin' for a ride that's free
So I made the choice to be
good To those who are good to me
Don't judge me or think I'm bitter
For the evil God allowed me to see
I'm just Mary


I'm Just Mary (repeat)
Im just Mary, can't you see that I-I-I
I'm just Mary (repeat)
I said I'm just Mary, oh yeah
Repeat 2 times with ad lib
The car I drive, the clothes I wear
The diamonds, the furs and the house
Don't make the woman
Material things don't mean a thing to me 'Cause I
need someone to stand by me
I need someone
Supply my needs and not just to trade on Mary Why
can't you love the person inside
And stop lookin' outside?

Repeat with ad lib and fade

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