Memories - Mary J. Blige

Sitting here all alone of Valentine's Day
I really wanna call him up
but my pride is all in the way
Vision's gettin' clearer
I see what's been goin' on for years
Though once you say you're far
really are so near, I'm thinkin' of...

The roses that you sent to me
All the kisses that you gave to me
Memories of what we used to be

All alone, this special day
Thinkin' 'bout the time you went away
Valentine's Day will never be the same

How come men nowadays
Bring you so much joy and so much pain?
Can't anybody help me?
I think I'm goin' insane
Valentine's Day will never be the same
'Cause I think about you always
I cherish everything you gave to me
I'm thinkin' of...


You took my love for granted
Then you used me to think that
Everything was fine between me and you
Every time just it comes around
I wanna feel your touch
I can't belive what you did to me
I hate you did me wrong
But still I must move on
(I gotta move on)

(Repeat chorus)
(Ad lib until fade)

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