Another Story to Tell - Mase

Yo, since I been in this game, yo
Alot of funny sh_t that happend with these hoes, man
And this sh_t I'm 'bout to tell you Myse
Is a true story, Puff know the b_tch, Uh, Yo

You know I don't wanna come across foul
I'm only telling you about my lifestyle
I had a girl named Kate I date in Georgia State
Girl named Samantha I met in Clark, Atlanta
I even knew these girls named Laura and Yvette
Switched up giving me head in Georgia Tech
Now flip the script, mess with girls that strip
Give 'em tips just so I can feel I'm they "his"
They like, Mase I like your eyes and I love your lips
I'm like, that ain't enough to make you sit in the six
She said Mase, lot of things I wanna teach you 'bout
If I tell you my past, it'll freak you out
Save your dough, you know I wanna treat you out
F_ck s_cking your d_ck, I wanna eat you out
I'm like whoa now, slow down
You remind of these young chickens I knew from uptown
Got a b_tt like this girl that worked in Motown
So if we ain't gonna f_ck then where we go now
I don't move too fast, you move too slow
You wasn't saying this just a moment ago
You was sitting at the bar just spending my dough
You owe me something b_tch, you gon' blow me or something
She said this thing you need to know before we f_ck
I ain't like all these other sl_ts
And if I told you I was a virgin you wouldn't believe me
I know getting p_ssy for you is easy
You hit every b_tch from Antee to a Tuskeegee
Plus you know I know your girlfriend KiKi
And for a moment honey tried to freak me
But being the man I am I'm still in pimp mode
Could tell she was Harlem 'cause I seen her zip code
And then she started showing me pictures of Flipmode
So I'm with my man and you know we gon' discuss her
All I could hear is him sayin', don't trust her
You know her lil' cousin f_ck with Usher
Plus her best friend got a baby from Busta
So I layed back and peeped the ho'
It's her word against his, I can't believe the ho'
Yo, I only knew this girl from a weekend ago
And I figure she a freak, Cease would know
So I called up my n_gga, I'm like Cease what up (what up)
Is she a freak, n_gga?
Cease been f_cked, but Cease admitted
Yo, that he ain't even hit it, now y'all I really don't get it
And she tried to play Mike like he's some n_gga in a Civic
And s_cked Puff d_ck for some Budweiser tickets

Yo, you believe this b_tch, yo?
She s_cked his d_ck for some Budweiser tick..
That b_tch gonna give me my sh_t B, word up (Section 622)
I'm not even f_cking playing
I bet you she give me my watch back though, I bet that (Row 40)
And all my f_cking ice better be in it, too
(Seat A, Seat B, enjoy the show)
Matter of fact, I want my f_cking couch out that sh_t B
Word up, tell your sis get my f_cking couch B
I ain't f_cking playing

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