Hater (Interlude) - Mase

B_tches is drop dead gorgeous yo
Wassup with Ma$e B?
Why he be showin no love this way B?
Come through the block don't say sh_t or nothin
Don't forget, he used to live on our block n_gga
He went with Puffy & he don't know how to act B
Wait till I get on B, it's gonna be real
Wait till I see that n_gga on the street.
N_gga, gonna take me nowhere
You talkin like he promisin you sh_t
He did n_gga
He told me he was gonna take me to the roleys
Gonna have & all that me & this n_gga grew up
What the f_ck you talkin about?
He promise me, he owe me n_gga
F_ck you talkin about
I'm sayin you gotta understand sh_t
N_ggas be busy, they move around, ya know
Sayin, like I said, we was on the road
You actin, like he told you he was comn to get you
Take you on the road with him
Nah, it ain't even like that B
I'm just sayin, I wanna shine to, that's what I'm sayin dog
That's all I'm sayin
I don't wanna be on the corner, B, I wanna shine
I'm sayin though man, n_ggas gotta make moves
F_ck, everybody don't make moves at the same time
It takes time B, everybody gotta get they chance to shine
Ya know what I'm sayin, everybody get they chance to shine

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