Mad Rapper (Interlude) - Mase

[Mad Rapper:]
Yo, yo, yo, yo son, what the f_ck is all
Yo, where you get all that money from?
Say, yo, yo
Where the f_ck you get that money from, son?

[Mad Producer:]
Royalty checks son, that Mase album
I told you shouldn't f_ck wit' me on that sh_t, son
For real, that sh_t payed off
N_gga did his thing for a million

[Mad Rapper:]
F_ck all that so you f_ck
Then you'll be shootin' me out of cannons and sh_t
Like that n_gga (Nah, nah, nah)
F_ck all that man, I got enough Rugrats man (I know)
Millions are dancin' to the video wit' Rugrats and sh_t
I got eight kids n_gga (I, I know)
Before I leave they be dancin' to the video (That's my nephew)
Wit' your kids, n_gga

[Mad Producer:]
I'm just sayin' so, so you ain't gotta ask me for my sh_t
You know what I'm sayin'?
I got my own bils too n_gga, the f_ck you talkin' 'bout?
You knowumsayin'
But you be how could you people get yours, n_gga
Is what I'm sayin'

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