Niggaz Wanna Act - Mase

Yo, check this out right, Harlem on da rise. And you don't
want no problem with us guys. M-A-dollar sign-E and if you
ever out tryin' to find me, I think I should warn you, I get
hard when I want to ***, Bad Boy, n_ggaz ain't ready
Verse One:

Yo, you the type of cat in the building holdin' the cracks
Sling some to n_ggaz on the corner holdin' the gats
N_gga come through or n_gga kill, never blow back
You the n_gga never ***
Yo I know n_ggaz like you cause I meet 'em all the time
And I treat 'em with the 9 if they ever keep what's mine
If I lose I get loc, put I full in the ***
Two to his throat, take his jewels and his coat
More than likely, you ain't got to like me
And this might be the last time I take you nicely
For my legion *** and start squeezin'
N_ggaz talkin' sh_t, ***
There's no breathin', ain't nobody in here leavin'
You kill my man, I kill your b_tch, now we're even
I'm from a cold world, *** , 20 degrees in Fahrenheit
N_ggaz get sniped for no reason
Do a lot of work, got plenty funds and many guns
Many sons, n_ggaz do anything to anyone
And on the streets ***
So when you talk to Mase better watch ya mouth son

Chorus: Busta Rhymes

Yo, if n_ggaz wanna act we can act
You n_ggaz wanna scrap, we can scrap
You n_ggaz got gats, we got gats
You n_ggaz wanna style, we style
If you get foul, we get foul
You get wild, we get wild

Verse Two:

Yo, started with a blue whip, got a silver new whip
Cause feds watch when I do sh_t, keep poppin' up new sh_t
Think the whole Harlem World on some clue sh_t
We Crys bub sippers, *** club niggers
Peace to the street team, y'all get love n_ggaz
Six years ago I was the have not n_gga, hot n_gga
Represent for all my block n_ggaz
Now I'm 6 drop n_ggaz, *** rock n_ggaz
10 G's a show and I ain't even drop n_ggaz
Shock n_ggaz who thought I was a pop n_gga
You go against Mase yuo get your wig rocked n_gga!
Payers like me'll leave your whole block bitter
Roll hard like when I see the bank *** n_gga
Hustle is a hustle, so I never knock a n_gga
Don't really f_ck with ***, but still I cop jigga


Verse Three:

Yo, I do this everyday, why brag about the glory?
Tell you the whole truth, never half the story
You wasn't no hater, you'd probably be happy for me
Billboard first line in every category
N_ggaz say they love me, they don't love me
I know deep down they wanna slug me
I feel a vibe when they hug me
Luckily I rock jewels that be chuckie over Iceberg rugbie
Pushin' a Benz buggie, for better badge
*** fever for notes
So ***
Little n_ggaz seated in coach
I mean, uhm, think it's smaller than the weed in my roach
*** my smoke
The n_ggaz ain't cheap; they broke
Oh yeah, this my doe year
Jealousy and envy'll get you nowhere
You don't like me, bet against me
You right, got doe do whatever you like
I get front row seats on the night of the fight
My Roley too tight *** loossen my ice
And 'for I scoop the dice, bet a grand I be the ***
N_ggaz who'll make doe, I can affily with 'em
I'm dyin' from a sickness known as Willie-ism


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