Anything Goes - Master P

[Intro - Master P]
Some of your friends take your kindness for weakness
Make a n_gga wanna live like jews
I told y'all
I got a good side and a bad side
And this my bad side

[Master P]
I got beef with some n_ggaz that I know
Put one up in the chamber everybody hit the flo'
Me and Curren$y rise high
Cause we motherf_cking thug n_ggaz
Used to f_cking love n_ggaz
Now I gotta plug n_ggaz
And my wrong n_ggaz makin' tones to give that up
Plus we no limit boys ride from dawn to dusk
Blame it on my cousin I'm a thug n_gga
Grew up in the projects rollin' with the drug dealers
Heard your toy f_cking soldiers want to do me
Look I don't play this ain't no motherf_cking movie
I see you give farse clorise when your doped up
Keep my name out cha mouth get cha b_tch ass choked up
Mama told me keep ya enemies close
Put your trust in yourself cause your friends get you smoked
Man you n_ggaz ain't sh_t
You just hatin' on a thug n_gga that's livin' ghetto rich

[HOOK - 2X]
Too every ghetto n_gga that I know
When you livin' that life know anything go

[Master P]
I got n_ggaz in the hood waiting on me to drop
I got n_ggaz in the pin n_gga ready to riot
Screw C-P-3 and it's official
I got three hundred rug rats ready to get with you
N_gga years f_ckin' later and I still got skrilla
My motherf_cking kids sleep on ????
I got other n_gga b_tches whodie screamin' my name
And If you ain't with the army n_gga turn in your chain
Make sure these motherf_ckers heard
Everything I speak I mean every motherf_cking word
I play with it and get poped
I go out of town and get money but I still run the block

[HOOK - 2X]

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