Still Ballin' - Master P feat Krazy, Slay Sean

[Chorus 2x - Krazy]
We some No Limit Soldiers
(We still ballin' so f_ck what you think
You broke n_ggaz keep hatin' you can't stop the tank)
You see No Limit is an army

[Master P]
N_gga what what b_tches callin' my name
Homies hut hut No Limit still in the game
See I'm a money making n_gga like Bill Gates
Me and my lil cousin toss b_tches from state to state
Lil' Beezy he off the heezy
He in the threezy smoking weezy
I don't give a f_ck about you hatin' I'm chasin' fortune and fame
I got every ghetto b_tch screamin my name
N_gga rap in the South I started that
It wasn't cool to be country til' I brought it back
Now y'all boys know y'all can't mess with me
Cause No Limit is a part of history

[Chorus 2x]

I seen a n_gga catch 30 rounds and live through it
You could tell he was a soldier and he knew it
F_ckin' wit me, my n_ggaz ???
F_ckin' wit me you better not leave the club
All it takes is some hennessy and I'm gone
Dressed in all back b_tch I'm bout to follow you home
With my chopper
I release anger
Runnin' off in the dark like strangers
I don't give a f_ck n_gga if you like me
I told the same thing ???
Its easy
To bust a n_ggas skull plate
Half of you haters go to jail quick and to the state
You ain't ready

[Slay Sean]
Out of control ever since I got out the hold
F_ck a P.O. I ain't got time for parole
My nine it explodes every time its exposed
Once you see it you get it that's how No Limit rolls
Fold in your doors and hit you while you dead on the floor
Excuse me miss but we gotta take him straight to the morgue
Talkin' the talk knowin' he ain't walkin' the walk
F_ckin' with him is like me f_ckin' with pork
I'm holdin' the fort for every person reppin' New York
N_ggas front on No Limit ya ass is out when you caught
F_ck what you thought they'll find you lying dead on the porch
Clothes soiled your body red as your heart

[Chorus 4x]

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