Aint Me Ft. Yo Gotti, Omelly - Meek Mill feat Yo Gotti & Omelly

[Intro: DJ Drama]
Alright lets be clear
They might of done a thing or two
But there track record in the streets is "Ain't Like Me"
They ain't me

[Hook: Meek Mill]
Ain't me, ain't me, these p_ssy ass n_ggas ain't me
Got a couple main hoes that I'm f_cking round with
But this one bad b_tch you can't see
And all my n_ggas get straight to the money, these stones all clear HD
And my DC chain shine bright, shine bright with my gold AP
Ain't me, ain't me, these p_ssy ass n_ggas ain't me
Got a couple real n_ggas that I'm f_cking round with
Can't come round a n_gga ain't see
And them bricks still sell them for the high
My n_gga in the drop top birds ain't cheap
These n_ggas still sell the work
Tell 'em work ain't that easy

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
Ain't me, ain't me, these p_ssy ass n_ggas ain't me
These p_ssy ass n_ggas can't come to my hood
Cause you p_ssy ass n_ggas ain't me
I got all these shooters that's down for the cause
And they all get money like me
And, and I still ride around my hood
Quarter milli on a n_gga white tee
And yall n_ggas still hating on it, still hating on it
Talking what they gonna do to me
But I'm strapped up & I'm waiting on it
These n_ggas ain't built like that
These n_ggas get killed like that
Running 'round my name in their mouth
Banana clips get peeled like that
And they wonder why I feel like that
Cause every other month I make a mill like that
Took my whole family up out that hood
Set 'em all nice in the hills like that, sh_t real like that
You ain't gotta like my sh_t, pay for the flow, I don't write my sh_t
Better pray to God I don't like your b_tch
Cause if she catch eye then she might get hit! Woah!


[Verse 2: Yo Gotti]
I'm a real ass n_gga and I've been like that
Day one and I ain't gone change
In the hood n_gga act a little different when I come through
Cause a n_gga got a little change
Little p_ssy ass n_gga don't test no n_gga
Cause if he do then its gone be flames
That 40 gone go bang bang
Them n_ggas might say my name
My young n_ggas got rollies on
B_tches got them Birkins on
My trigger finger been itchin'
My patients short, but my money long
Its levels to this sh_t for real
Boy I'm dream chasing tryna see a hundred M's
Got the plug on deck if I wanna go back
Put work in the trap what you know about that
Pillow talking to ya ho hating on a n_gga
F_ck around lose ya ho like that
Ain't me, ain't me, these rapping ass n_ggas, ain't me
Only f_ck with real n_ggas like Meek (What up meek?)
You ain't CMG or DC


[Verse 3: Omelly]
Ain't me, these p_ssy ass n_ggas ain't me
Gettin' money my day ones you know we reppin' DC
Cause I dropped that bag on you, I kill you n_ggas for free
I got all this money on me, I got all these hundreds on me ho
Backin' up in this Panamera with some rich ass hoes
Started off with a quarter ounce, had to get that dough
Flip them, move circles on them like Tic Tac Toe
Hoes ready they f_cking s_cking on the get set go


[Outro: DJ Drama]
I guess we can't tell you enough
What you do won't make you me
Truthfully some of you n_ggas need to get some sleep
Your dreams aren't manifesting correctly

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