Dope Dealer - Meek Mill feat Rick Ross & Nicki Minaj

[Intro: Meek Mill]
There's three types of n_ggas in life
N_ggas that make it happen
N_ggas that watch it happen
And n_ggas that don't even know what the f_ck is going on
Choose one...

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
I got all these bad b_tches twerkin'
Waves on swim, sh_t surfin'
I don't wanna yall n_ggas 'round me
Broke n_ggas make me nervous
Shawty said she want that paper
Pop p_ssy like she workin'
Damn, a n_gga finally famous
Rari by the Benz, I'm swervin' (SKR SKR!, SKR! SKR!)
F_ck rap, I might sell swag
She want me 'cause she know I got that Chanel tag
She f_ck me and she gone get that Chanel swag
Her boyfriend like, "Where you get that Chanel bag?"
55 hundo, pop green, and I ball
Like Rondo
Catch me, North-South, with a dime ho
Turnt up, but I'm like keep calm ho
I go, make a million here, million there
All of my n_ggas, we really in here
Got a bad b_tch, and she straight from the hood
But she look like a foreign, brazilian hair
And I'm grabbin' her remi
I bust like a semi, yo b_tch (BA BA!)
I get your girl pregnant
You hatin' all on me, you sick (HA HA!)
I ride in my hood in a Bently like it's a Crown Vic (SKR SKR!)
These b_tches is choosin'
You n_ggas is losin'
We rich
Whatchu expect?

[Hook: Meek Mill]
Wanna f_ck with a dope dealer?
Or keep f_ckin' them broke n_ggas?
And I don't f_ck with you ho n_ggas (NAH!)
Rollie yellow like Homer Simpson
That's dope, n_gga!

[Verse 2: Nicki Minaj]
I got all these dope dealers serving
Cut the work up, they surgeons
I don't want y'all b_tches 'round me
Whack b_tches make me curve 'em
Imported rug, that's Persian
One wheel up and we swervin'
Wetter than a lake, that's Ricki!
Pop p_ssy like she Nicki
She want me cause she see me in that Aventador
Pull up on the curb so crazy, I done bent the door
Bad b_tch wanna borrow it, I lent it to her
Make her bust that p_ssy open in Singapore
30 million though, Forbes list
Out in Philly in a condo, boss sh_t
Now they call me Young Oprah; Harpo
In the pool rockin' polo, Marco
Millionaires, never do leers
No, they can't see me, they're never my peers
Fruits of my labor, go get me my pears
Cause you're outta your element; I am your fear
So go get off my testicle, pardon my decimal, b_tch!
Check up my resume, I'm upper echelon rich
Them bikes is out and we throwing 'em up like we sick
My clothing line is out in them stores and I'm sipping a Myx


[Verse 3: Rick Ross]
DC, Double M
Say my name and b_tch I gotta grant your wish (BOSS!)
Sticky fingers, 30 K
You better drop that brick (drop that brick)
Philly brothers, sometimes they call me Ock! (call me Ock!)
I pray to God, everyday I drop my top (Thank you Lord!)
Humble man, with me and the Lord Meek
I'm the sh_t, coming down Broad Street
"Sal" Magluta, "Willy" Falcon
Flamboyant dough boy, talkin' Al Capone (ROZAY!)
From Monte Carlo to Los Muchachos
My Mexicanos not talking tacos
This jewelry tampered once, a n_gga push that b_tton
On the corner Pac-Man Jones, these n_ggas don't want nothin'
You wanna f_ck wit a dope dealer? Or keep f_ckin' them broke n_ggas?
My sneaker deal like A.I.'s
We drink Belaire like St. Ides

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