Hip Hop - Meek Mill

Yeah, we back in the hood
I like recording in Philly, put me in my zone
(Philly, wassup?)

Yeah, I remember it was no lights (damn)
Mattress on the floor, a thousand roaches, four mice (whoa)
Yeah, I remember it was no lights {"GANGSTA!"}
Yeah, I remember it was no lights
Mattress on the floor, a thousand roaches, four mice (whoa)

Yeah, I remember all them cold nights (I do)
N_ggas sold white just to live the low life (yeah)
Ralph Laurenin, I was sinnin' (I was sinnin')
The crazy part is the designer ain't wanna send it (wanna send it)
The dope dealer, was out in me
And not magic, you couldn't imagine (DAMN!)
the sh_t I saw, had no choice but to get involved
You either spit it raw or sell crack and dribble the ball
It's crazy when I seen my own neighbor hittin' the soft
I was thinkin' in my head like I gotta get with this raw
Sh_t's gettin' to' up (up) as she watch me grow up (up)
Right in front of the kids, she f_ckin' her nose up
She's thinkin' like "So what? My homie got colder"
She even sold a nintendo, I'm thinking like hol' up (LORD!)
I done seen my homie Mommy turn into a zombie
And it was like (New Jersey Drive) the way we throw them (Johnnies) (SKRRT!)
The way we stole them cars, slide through like a bowling ball
Ain't had nowhere to go at all, who thought that we would go this far?
Matter fact, who thought that we would live this long? (Long)
I got the money and the power, made a n_gga strong (strong)
I had respect before that, cause every fight, I fought back
Cause I was always taught that, a n_gga hit you hold that
Down baby, now it's thirty rounds baby
As I'm ridin' through my hood, it's been goin' down crazy in this b_tch
Where they murder for a half a pound baby
So imagine for a kilo; shark in the water, Nemo
Skinny n_ggas with a full pound, turn to Deebo
Got the four-five and the six, call it Cee-Lo
Y'all n_ggas talkin' 'bout murder, that ain't be though
F_ck around and get your life took n_gga, repo
F_ck what n_ggas tell us, I see 'em and know they jealous (I see 'em)
Steppin' in my Margielas this nina like my umbrella (BLRRRT!)
Ballin' like I'm 'Melo and (Kingin') like I'm Coretta (yeah)
They Tina my beretta and singin' I won't do never
We shootin' at all you pussies, ringin' on all you n_ggas
My city body for body, my finger all on the trigger
I'm ready my n_ggas heavy, yellow gold all on my prezi
I'm switchin' gears in my rari, I'm feelin' like I'm Andretti
I'm Freddie all in your (dreams), lean Like I'm Kareem
My 750 my beam I'm clean f_ck do you mean
My team full of gorillas, killers on 4 wheelers
They stuck me back in the trap - fresh off of tour n_gga
They wanna see my demise, wanna see me with no job
Wanna see me back on the corner; fifty n_ggas we mob
With choppers like f_ck the coppers, duckin' them helicopters
They wanna lock us in boxes, courthouses and teleprompters
They jealous my album sellin', jealous that I ain't jealous
They jealous that I ain't tellin', I'm focused no I ain't failin'
Propellin' up in the sky, jealous that I ain't die
They jealous a n_gga made it, they jealous I don't know why
...I don't understand y'all s_ckas (I don't)
...I guess I ain't meant to (meant)
...P_ssy motherf_ckers (motherf_cka)
...Lemme tell 'em what I been through (been through)

I don't think I wanna tell 'me no more, hahaha
That was like sixty; DC, n_gga
F_ck 'em, f_ck 'em, F_CK 'EM! BLRRRT!

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