I B on Dat - Meek Mill feat Nicki Minaj & Fabolous

[Intro: Meek Mill]
Ass so fat I need a lapdance
Somebody tell the waitress bring some f_ckin' racks in
The stripper run into the pole when we back in
All gold Trinidad James on my Aston

[Hook x2: French Montana]
Its me ho, its me ho
Walk up in this b_tch, I f_ck sh_t up then I leave ho
I be on that, I be on that
I be on that, I be on that

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
Okay, I walk up in this b_tch
I f_ck sh_t up then I leave ho
Pay your car note or get some money for that weave ho
Forty-five hundred blow it there go double C's ho
Michael throw birkin bag if you tell me please ho
She gon' make that ass clap
Pop that for a real n_gga
I'm gon' throw that cash back, drop that on them real b_tches
Murder on that p_ssy ho
I can't lie I kill b_tches
You gon' get like every back end
Ain't true if I deal with you
Young n_gga ballin' like I f_ckin hit the lottery
You just want the money shorty
You ain't gotta lie to me
All these n_gga hatin' on me
Know they wanna body me
Cause every time you see a n_gga, I look like a robbery

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Nicki Minaj]
Uhh, Haah?
These b_tches study my style on the Come Up DVD
Nicki Dibiase, D.D.T.
It's a rough ride, E.V.E.
But I win n_gga, easy three
Bad B_tch, illegal
These ugly b_tches is really boostin' my ego
It's me ho, it's me ho
I'm so f_cking famous I can't do sh_t on the D-low
Ya'll got everybody infiltrating negros
I don't believe 'em they lyin' like Leos
Everything these b_tches doing I already did it
Watch my World Star interviews, then they mimic

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Fabolous]
Walk up in this b_tch, I f_ck sh_t up then I leave ho
Back on my old sh_t, tell them n_ggas breathe ho
Cuban on my collar thats a Rollie on my sleeve ho
They be swagger jackin taking styles n_ggas thieves ho
I f_ck then I heave ho
Killed that sh_t now grieve ho
And don't expect no gifts tomorrow, this ain't Christmas Eve ho
I tell her like them pens we gon' get rich you just better believe ho
I make them gator bags and minked coat pet peeve ho
I guess thats just me ho
Asain chick named me-ho
Do her sh_t, do my b_tch then you come do me ho
I be on that, represent where you be born at
Real n_ggas can't beat em, then you gotta join that
Where my joint at?

[Hook x2]

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