Lil Snupe Skit - Meek Mill

[Lil Snupe]
Youngin, been about the money
These n_ggas know bout the youngins, these n_ggas know that I run it
This n_gga call me on the phone
And I ain't even want him to sign me
Just knew that he knew my name so it was on
These n_ggas knew that I was smoking strong then
And these n_ggas already know I was gone come through in the Benz
These n_ggas know I don't really even trust friends
Cause you will commit em homie if we commitin sins
How I got to Philly, rode on the bus, Greyhound
Man I heard I had to lay it down
N_gga in the back cupped up, up in a f_ckin seat
But I knew if I got to Meek I was gon kill the f_ckin beat
And could I be a f_ckin millionaire, trillionaire
And peope look at me, now they say yeah it's really here
These n_ggas here, we hated ya'll
Yea I got the 80 cocked
They tellin me, damn boy you ain't in a day top, you ain't in the car
When I roll to Philly I rolled in a Bentley
First n_gga sent me my Bentley, this n_gga Meek Millie
From my city you don't see sh_t like that
Yea it's greatness, this sh_t right here amazing
It's crazy to know that I rolled in a Ferrari today
First time ridin in a Ferrari was today
But see me, I'm a do it up in there, just made your way
But these n_ggas they tryna take me and n_gga I just can't play
I'm a youngin, last week we was everywhere
Real sh_t, n_gga we was everywhere
Flew home, Monday had a fight
N_gga we was thuggin, goin hard out all night
Then I had a wreck, man this sh_t right here is crazy
But I'm a f_ckin star, man this life here, it's amazing
Police didn't come, that sh_t right there I don't believe
That this that, this sh_t right here happenin to me
Tuesday I was chillin
Girl named Kiara, I swear to gosh I was killin
She just knew that I was feelin
A young n_gga was feelin
And she wanted me cause a n_gga was fresh back from Philly
So I was rollin blunts all day
So I had to get it n_gga in the hallway
N_gga I already know I was headed to the top
By 9 o'clock p_ssy ass n_ggas spinned the block
The same p_ssy n_ggas, I had a fight with on Monday
The n_gga tryin to kill me, funeral by Sunday
But mama never was gon have it, mama never was gon beat it
So I had to get it, show these n_gga that I believe it
My cousin sayin Snupe, wanna ride on these n_ggas?
Tell me if you really wanna slide on these n_ggas
Then Meek text me, said what would you do?
Then I said man this sh_t a test but what should I do?
He said Snupe if wanna get him, I'm wit him
I said f_ck these n_ggas, in a year, we gon get em
I got it right now, I gotta go and get these millions
Told these people that I'm with it so these people gotta get it
These n_ggas tryna take me to the under, I'm thug
These n_ggas tryna Twitter beef so they can get some buzz
But me I'm a young n_gga, these n_ggas be with the thugs
And I got n_ggas when I say so they really will hit you wit slugs
Happened at the battle, it was 10k
Most money I ever made, 10k
10k, it was crazy man, this sh_t was winnin
I won f_ckin 10k up in 30 minutes
It was an easy battle
I ain't gon lie, it was simple
P_ssy n_gga had no brain, felt like he was mental
Young n_gga comin, these n_ggas know that we was into
He was rappin like his ass was playin the instrumental
F_ck n_ggas actin like I ain't been in one
A great n_gga, they invented one
Mama and daddy, they had a king for real
Man I swear I'm livin out my people dreams for real
I do my thing right now, my daddy ain't livin' dreams
Mama ain't livin' dreams, granny ain't livin' dreams
My cousins ain't livin' dreams so you know what I'm a do?
I'm a live all out through Snupe, we gonna rock

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